Have you ever heard the term ‘sonic driven’? It is a term that is used to describe a process in which the mind achieves an altered state through the use of sound.

Our drumming circle is shamanic in nature.  We do have a lively drumming session whereby all of us participate to raise our energies using rattles, drums, voice and dance.  The remainder of the evening we use the drum as our sonic driver.  The drum transports us to the spirit world to explore our inner/outer realities.

 The drum beat is usually160 to 180 bpm, which alters the Theta wave allowing us to enter into an induced trance state.  This is a very safe way to explore, as was previously mentioned, our inner/outer realities.  Theta reality is the last stop before we enter deep dreamless conscious relaxation. The Theta wave is a very important aspect of our brainwaves in that is helps us to perceive our reality.  The drum beat we use sonically drives our brain waves to a slower pattern, allowing us to take in and perceive what can be termed as non-ordinary reality.

 Each month we work with a different theme.  In September and October we worked with the “Centre”.  In November and December we are working with our dreams and archetypes.  Shamanic journeys access the collective unconscious allowing us to interact with the forces guiding our lives. The shamanic journey gives us the opportunity to interact with a greater awareness. 

 There is no experience necessary to join us.  However, the more you come, the more you are able to open to the experience.  The more you practice the deeper your understanding and interaction with the spirit world becomes.

 See you round the drum!