This is an example of the types of handouts I provide at circle.  This one is from a circle which I presented, rather obviously from the handout, my views on the centre, or the intersecting world.  I hope you enjoy my writing, feel free to comment or leave a few of your own ideas on the centre!

See you round the drum!!


All things start from the centre and flow outwards or all things start outside & flow to the centre.  Shamanism is a paradox.  Paradox is okay for me, cause really who wants to be pigeon holed.  I have been known to hold more than one opposing viewpoint at the same time.


We start off our evening with drum healing.  Why or why do we do drum healing work? I know for lots of us in the circle this is not the first time we have done this work.  So, you may ask yourself, why does Kriket make us do these things?


The Drum is an amazing way to cut through that which binds you to that which holds you.  I know that sometimes just to get through my day I build walls around me.  Walls to keep out the electronic interference, the mindless chatter of others, the sounds of my urban environment, in essence that which can disturb my own rhythms and vibrations.  The drum has the ability to wake up the body.  Vibrations play an important role in healing. Sound is that which is produced when some object is vibrating in a random or periodic repeated motion. Every object has a frequency/vibration and therefore creates sound. All matter, broken down into subatomic particles consists of pulsing energy fields. This includes the human body in all its facets, from physical to emotional to spiritual; the body gives off and is affected by frequency/vibration.


Our whole body, not just our ears, can hear and perceive sound through skin and bone conduction. We are sensitive to sounds in ways that most people do not even consider. The harmony in our body is a sacred balance between the world of the soma, psyche and soul, finding power and rhythm within the continuous cycles of the universe. Sound takes form…it can move into form and take shape. People report a variety of sensations during drum healings–seeing forms, lights, colors, geometric shapes and other visions. It suggests they’ve entered a different healing state of consciousness. Modern science has shown that in the human body, auditory nerves are linked to our sense of proportion and balance, and have the power to shift our energy to the “center,” bringing about a feeling of connection and serenity. With intuitive wisdom, healers and shamans of many cultures correctly sensed that listening to vibrational sound helps us access these auditory nerves in a way which may increase receptivity to healing energy. They knew sounds and music could induce trance states to help identify illness, and even open gateways for new healing energy to flow through. Healers of old, as of today, were concerned with body, mind and soul. The more enlightened of them worked to integrate all three.


Webster’s defines healing as “to make sound” it might be more accurate if we were to say “to become sound.” What we call death is an abstraction. In so many tales of creation, it is sound which is the first and elemental form of creation. In Hinduism, it is the sound of “Om,” which resonates as the elemental causal form of all creative manifestation. Sound is a vehicle through which light moves. The “word”, the sound, is the first manifestation of creative vibration, or intent, and holds in its resonance, the very essence of the Divine. Sound is a profoundly powerful tool. The nature of its power rests in the conscious, and unconscious, intent of its beholder.





The Medicine Wheel is a major symbol representing harmony, balance and connections. The medicine wheel provides a visual representation of the foundational concepts: wholeness, balance, connection, harmony, growth, centredness, healing (knowing oneself), and personal responsibility. The medicine wheel is a symbol for the wheel of life which is forever evolving and bringing new lessons and truths to the walking of the path. The Earthwalk is based on the understanding that each one of us must stand on every spoke, on the great wheel of life many times, and that every direction is to be honored.  The medicine wheel teaches us that all lessons are equal, as are all talents and abilities.


You may have run across the term the Red Road during your studies of shamanism.  The Red Road refers to the lessons of physical life, or of being human. This road runs South to North through the centre of the medicine wheel. After the graduation experience of death, one enters the Blue or Black Road, the world of the grandfathers and grandmothers. In spirit, one will continue to learn by counselling those remaining on the Red Road. The Blue Road of the spirit runs East to West, moving through the centre of the medicine wheel.  The Road of the physical and the Road of the spiritual meet in the centre.  Shamans and other path seekers attempt to stand in the centre of the wheel, embracing both realities.



The Centre in my spiritual cosmology holds all things together. The Four Great Directions (East, South, West & North) provide balance, cohesion and connections with the earth mother, as well as the worlds above and below. The directions, in turn, are anchored by the centre, the place of The Great Mystery, the essential self of each human which is ever-changing and transforming, that moves beyond time and beyond seasons.


The center of the medicine wheel is the Void, also known as the “Black Hole of Creation.”  Here all things take on substance within spirit, as the chaotic energy of the Void carries within itself all possibilities. In the first breath of creation, all forms of all things within the Everything were birthed from the maelstrom of our cosmic Black Hole. The Void holds the transformer-catalyst energy that causes life and movement in all of the directions on every medicine wheel.


The creative force of the Void is Life Force Energy. The self-expression of the Center is Beauty and Wisdom.  Here we may connect with the Beauty of our true essence and the Wisdom of the All-Knowing that each human being carries within the core of self.


Everything comes together in the Center. Wholeness is usually expressed in fours. The four directions comprise the whole. The four conditions of humans: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; four life stages: birth/infancy, youth, adulthood, and elder/death; four races: red, yellow, black and white; and the four seasons. Wholeness requires understanding of all the parts, and requires that attention and energy are directed to all aspects, i.e. balance


Balance requires equal attention to all the parts. It can only be achieved temporarily because of the changing nature of life. Balance is restored by focussing on all parts of the whole in relation to one another and requires constant adjustment. One strives for balance not only of oneself, but of all surrounding the self. Seeking balance is not limited to the individual, but includes the family, tribe, or nation.


In our centre today I have built the centre of a Medicine Wheel. The Centre Stone (stone #1) is the ‘Many Worlds’ stone that contains the essential person – the deepest inner soul.  Some post-European descriptions of this stone refer to it as ‘The Creator’ stone. This stone can also be called the Cosmos or Universe Stone (1);


Four Directions/Clan Stones (stones 2-5): Butterfly; East (Teacher), Thunderbird; South (Warrior), Frog; West (Visionary), Turtle; North (Healer) (within these stones are the four colours of human; these stones sit at the four corners of the centre stone.


Seven stones (stones 6-12) surround the Centre stone, and stand for:  Father Sky, Mother Earth, Grandmother Moon(moon smiling as people progress on the path, integrating the dimensions into their way of being)., Grandfather Sun, Star Nation, Other Worlds (Planets), Pathway for the Spirits to Cross Over (Milky Way) the Milky Way and the moon, are sometimes referred to as metaphors for Multiple Perspective without Judgment.  The Milky Way is known as the spiritual road. The universe contains and enfolds all that there is. It does not judge, it just lets things be as they are. It rests near the top of the circle to watch over the other elements,


The Centre connects the Middle World of Human Kind and Spirit Kind.  Tonite we are working the middle world to enhance our divination skills.  Divination is commonly described as methods of obtaining secret knowledge from the invisible realm through communication with divine sources via omens, oracles, signs or portents. Our ancestors placed great trust in the wisdom of the diviner. The divination process establishes contact between the human world and the world of the spirit.


Learning divination has been a hit and miss process for me. As diviners we have an essential role that of interpreting signs. Connecting to Spirit in a tangible form has helped me to listen and work within what I refer to as an invisible realm.  Lucky for me I never thought that the invisible necessarily meant the unknowable. As I grew in awareness I remembered to look for signs from the invisible realm. The irony of which is how can we see the invisible if we don’t look for it?


Our second task this evening is to use our skills as diviners to find hidden objects.  Shamans were often assigned the task of finding missing people, objects and food.  The Shaman through skill would learn the art of divination. We are going to work in groups to seek the hidden object in your corner of the room.  Each of you in that area will gather, share their experiences and between you divine where in the temple the object is, and maybe what it is.