Well it is official the 2009 Elk Island Shamanic Wilderness Camp, near Edmonton Alberta  will be August 21 – 23.  Each year we gather in the semi-isolated part of Elk Island Provincial Park called Oster Lake.  It is a rough campground that seems to like us and welcomes us each year we come.  We are nestled between a small lake (Oster) and a convergence of two hiking trails.  We use the woods around us for our exercises… such as healing, blind folded walks, drumming, rattling, exploring… and other manner of things which are too numerous to mention. We gather on Friday night, set up our tents, cook our suppers, drum around the fire and get to know everyone.  Saturday we work work work until well into the night.  Sunday we work work work until I release y0u around 4. 

So, put in the word for warm dry weather.  Remember to pack bug spray and come join us for some shamanic wilderness fun!!

More details to follow!

You can email me at vixsin@hotmail.com, or call me at 780-934-8222.