Medicine Wheel: Symbol of the universe in all its dimensions. The outer circle is the presence of Spirit that surrounds everything. The quarters are the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The lines between them define the roads of the quarters. Each of the 36 stones represent an aspect of the powers, seasons, moons, clans, and teachings they possess. It is the symbol of infinity that penetrates all dimensions.

 The wheel acts as a portal between the worlds… combine earth and sky stones… some light and some dark… outer stones are dark – night sky and the void that holds all potential energies… the light stones in the wheel are the earth stones, they are our bones, the messengers of the earth that share and instil within us their secrets…. the light and the dark, two halves to the whole of the universe

It is a spiral creating a holistic foundation for human behaviour and interaction; the teachings are about walking the earth in a peaceful and good way; they assist in helping to seek healthy minds (East) strong healthy bodies (South), inner peace (West), strong, inner spirits (North).

 The Centre Stone (stone #1) is the ‘Many worlds’ stone containing the essential person – the deepest inner soul.  Some post-European descriptions of this stone refer to it as ‘The Creator’ stone. This stone can also be called the Cosmos or Multiverse Stone ;

 Four Directions Stones (stones 2-5): Butterfly; East (Teacher), Thunderbird; South (Warrior), Frog; West (Visionary), Turtle; North (Healer) These stones sit at the four corners of the centre stone.

 Seven stones (stones 6-12) surround the Centre stone, and stand for:  Father Sun, Mother Earth & Grandmother Moon.  The centre stones go by many names, and I have been known to change the name of the stone depending on the purpose of the medicine wheel I am building.  Grandmother moon for me is the connection between me and the places beyond me.  She smiles at us as we progress on the path, integrating dimensions into our way of being. The Star Nation, the milky way – a pathway celebrated in many myths and songs. Other Worlds (Planets), I read once that a pygmy could see Jupiter.  We all know that the pygmy could describe every aspect of the planet much the same way as scientists went on to describe it after they received photos from their probes.  These three stones are the pathway for the Spirits to Cross Over bringing with them a multiple perspective not only about us, but also otherworldly, perhaps supernatural perspectives we are entitled to.  The Centre is a metaphor for a multiple perspective, sans Judgment, it is the spiritual road. The multiiverse  that contains and enfolds all that there is. Without judgment, simply being satisfied that everything is exactly where it should be.  These stones rest near the top of the circle to watch over the other elements. The top of the circle for me is North.  For some of you it may be different.