Grounding is a buzzword found in books, articles, workshops and ceremonies. So what exactly is this grounding? At best, grounding is explained as contact with Mother Earth, being present in the now, in touch with nature, firmly planted on the ground, and in tune with our bodies. The word means just what it says—to be connected with the ground, to establish a strong and powerful energy connection with the earth, make sure your electrical and magnetic energies are well balanced and mixed within you.

Grounding your thoughts, feelings, and spiritual experiences–any of the nonphysical aspects of being human–allows those aspects to become charged with the power to manifest in your life. If you have lots of wonderful spiritual experiences without being grounded, it can be difficult to integrate your experiences into your day to day life. Getting a terrific message from Spirit, and having no way to make it real for you in your daily life can be a frustrating experience. Coupled with the fact that we are conditioned to think in Duality, i.e. Spirit lives up There, You live down Here. It takes time to integrate our spiritual life with our physical life, just as much as it takes time to learn the Language of Spirit.

Grounding can also help people who spend a lot of time in their intellect. If you have lots of ideas and insight, but difficulty manifesting them, grounding will help. Grounding is simply a process of getting our attention out of our heads and into our bodies. Most of us spend the day “thinking ahead” or “planning”, arranging our time, our jobs, you get the idea. Many of us run our body on autopilot, only giving it a thought if it hurts, or if it is tired…

Spirit is better reached, heard and understood if we are not intellectualizing, but rather Experiencing. Most Spiritual connections and communications do not come through words, or at least not words we can understand. Rather the language of Spirit is buzzing, or skakey, or cold, or hot… sensations, physical sensations. How can we know if Spirit is speaking to us if we are unfamiliar with the Language?

So, do we do that in circle? We rarely do a grounding meditation so do we ground?
Good Question GrassHopper….

Sacred Voices
Spirit Calling

All serve to bring your further from your intellect and deeper into Body – Deeper into Spirit. Grounding looks different in different traditions.

Bringing Up Your Spirit Song

Another shamanic term – what exactly does it mean to bring up your Spirit Song? It’s like a room full of very important people, introducing themselves to one another. It gets loud and each VIP is vying for space and time. Picture a room full of Spirits many of whom have never met before, are all invited to come into the room and speak. Keep in mind many of our VIP’s do not speak the same language, do not come from the same place or even have the same voice. So bringing up our Spirit song can and does sound sometimes like a jazz aficionado on crack! That’s all part of the process of listening to and hearing Spirit, your personal Spirit. Bringing up the Spirit Song is not about generating group energy or focusing our collective energy… never has been and never will be. Rhythm comes when our Spirits know each other and are comfortable with each other to work together… that takes time. Sacred music and sacred connections are precious and can be very delicate.

So… with all of us in the same room together, each vying for an opportunity to be heard how can we help to understand each other’s language? The different levels of Spiritual Language Sharing, we come together through circles or other gatherings and learn how to play cooperatively and become a spiritual team. I can’t believe I said that – That Just Sounds Corny!!!

So what are we doing here spiritually? Grounding?

Connection with the Divine, Spirit, the Oneness… how much grander it all is when we touch our life purpose, Dance in the Stars all the while we Listen to our inner wisdom and to Spirit a source of our inspiration.


My view of shielding is similar to a Cloak. In sacred space we combine with Spirit and together we raise our vibrational energy. As we raise our vibrations we are more susceptible to sensing each other’s energies… when we are energy sensitive, empathic if you will, we often drain negative energies from others without knowing it or at least not understanding not to internalize it. When our energy is raised often the Intuitive Healer is activated and we take on another’s energy or another’s journey… we can bear witness to each other’s journey.

There are different methods of Shielding.

Begin with closing your eyes, Breathe Deeply
See your Crown Chakra opening
Visualize White and Golden Light flowing from the Sky
Through your Crown Chakra
Down your body and into every part of your being
From Microcosm to Macrocosm,
Flowing Like Blood Through you
See a pool of Light spreading at your feet
Visualize the Earth opening up beneath you
The White Golden Light passes through you
Taking with it the cares the Rest Deep Within You
Taking with it all that you need to Let Go
Visualize the Earth closing beneath your feet
Draw yourself back to your Heart
Breath Deep

Not everyone resonates with White Light meditations.

Udajet is one of the Cobra Goddesses of Upper Egypt. She came to me over a decade ago. She has become one of my closest Spirits, my teacher, my Protector, My Mentor, My Ancestor and Elder, Wise Counsel

Udajet coils around my body and nothing at all gets through unless it goes through her first. However I have to ask her to coil around me, I can’t take her for granted. She travels through my body and takes with her every morsel of what I no longer need.

I am positive many of us have our own protection and Shields. I encourage you to either engage them now or remember to do so next time you are in a spiritual gathering, or even when going out to the grocery store. Who knows how it will affect you if you don’t try.