Curse Unraveling
Intrusions: curses, spells, contracts, vows, intentions

WORDS are powerful forms of expression and powerful energies. When words are combined with intense emotion, the emotion acts as a fuel for the word; the greater the emotion, the greater the fuel.

An intention puts things into motion universally. Life force is also fuel. Throughout history and cultures sacrifices have been done to add extreme power to an intention. We don’t live in a culture such as this and so the thought of it is foreign and primitive. However there are many cultures that still use a form of sacrifice to ensure the power of a ceremony. Chickens in Africa are often used in ceremonial practice and then used to feed the community. Even the church refers to the blood of Christ and the body of Christ in their sacraments, and Jesus is referred as sacrificing himself to save others.

I bring up this topic because I find myself often dealing with these issues during my healing work of Soul Retrieval. As I stated earlier, sometimes a person has tried everything to heal. They have read the books, done the workshops, gone to both allopathic and alternative practitioners, but their condition persists. They have something chronic: pain, misfortune, failure. This is where I find amazing success by looking into other lifetimes of the client. Not only was the curse been found in another lifetime but it was successfully unraveled and health restored to my client.

Shamanism does not view lifetimes as linear – past, present, future – but all happening simultaneously. If there was a spell, curse, oath, promise, declaration, vow or contract that was created in another lifetime that has a huge amount of life force with it, it is very likely that life force is still alive and activated in the client’s energy system. The energy of the “contract” is still in motion and affecting the person in this lifetime. Journeys into these other lifetimes and changing the situation in that lifetime literally changes the outcome that the client is living today. I find this work fascinating and effective.

There are many ways that curses and spells can be activated. Watch a few movies to get a feel for the drama of the past. Declaration, vows, and oaths were common. Great ceremonies and rituals often sealed the deal. Energy was put into motion in a dynamic way with lots of life force and emotion.

Imagine a scene where two men are dueling for the love of their lady. Declarations of love are spoken, Vows are created of fighting to the end, or declaring love for eternity. The duel happens and blood is spilled, someone dies and takes this vow with them into the afterlife. Just because the person died, doesn’t mean the energy did.

The Hatfields and McCoys are a classic example of feuding that is passed on energetically to the offspring. The offspring are then raised in an environment that automatically sees fault and disdain for the other family just because of the name. Now think of countries that have been feuding for centuries. The vows, the curses, the spells that have been cast because of these intense feelings cause enormous amounts of blood shed.

Blood is only one example of huge amounts of life force. Emotion without the blood can be just as binding. Fear can create power over a person or persons that can live on for centuries. The fear of burning in hell has been a controlling device that has proven to be effective, harmful, and invasive. If you want to control people, scare people; it always seems to work.

Fear has built enormous thoughtforms and they affect us all. The fear of survival is a root chakra broadcast (root meaning the basis of all things). If this chakra is out of alignment with its origin of wellness, safety, security, and belonging, the foundation of a person can be altered. With enough individuals expressing this fear, the foundation of a culture can be altered, and all of these broadcasts feed the thought form that lingers over their culture.

Many, if not all people have some sort of curse or spell on them. We as a culture tend to be very sloppy with our words, not aware that they are a powerful energy that lives on. We curse ourselves and curse others with words and emotions. Simple self-imposed curses can bind a person energetically from creating the type of life her or she desires or manifesting their dreams.

Words and intentions live on. However, they can be cleared and you can heal from them.