We gathering on Friday March 4, 2011 for our annual Waking the Bear Spring Celebration. I don’t know exactly how many years we have been meeting to perform this healing ceremony, but I know it started before 2002. This year was, as always, different, fun and spiritually intense.

Here are my thoughts on Waking the Bear:


This evening we are working with Pisces energy. The Pisces Moon is sensitive and receptive, dreamy and imaginative. This is a time of great empathy and compassion, when psychic abilities are more finely tuned. Ruled by Neptune, the sign of Pisces is limitless, vast and imaginative, and yearns for true union with the infinite, especially if it comes with a great glass of wine.

The Dark Moon introduced herself to me many years ago as Nyx, one of the first Beings, Night. Dark moon has a proud and strong history in our spiritual mythology, spiritually guiding us deeply within ourselves, to release and to Dream our Stories into being. Nyx took me into the Spirit World, deep into the caves of my unconscious, crawling through crevices, the nurturer, introspection Dreaming myself into Being. The Darkness is your Guide Home. Mystery and Magic both await you. Nyx took me deep within her cloaks, she took away the barrier to the Night Sky, allowing entrance into the nothing leading me home. We will be going deep into the caves of the darkness, the home of Nyx, living in the Underwold. She awoke in me a desire to seek the centre waters deep within the Underwold, where the moon has dipped from the sky, taking her leave of the Sky World. It is on this night that Bear will guide you to the sacred waters in the caves deep beneath the blankets of Mother Earth. Follow the Cave Bear, the Dark Bear, the Healing Bears.

We are also meeting on the last New Moon before the Spring Equinox the Balance between Light and Dark, in essence finding the balance between this Life that you are currently leading and the Life you will walk out and greet when you leave here tonite. The Balance between the Darkness, Nyx and Erabus – that which is not known to you, that which holds the very molecules of potential and the Light, that which has been made clear to you, which is readily seen.

The Chthonic Spirits

Chthonic – I could not leave that word alone. It took me forever to remember it and even longer to be able to intelligently use it in a sentence. Chthonic literally means belonging to the earth. In tales the Shamans of Old explained to their people the Chthonic spirits were often spirits of the earth and lower worlds. The oldest shamans told the stories of the prima beings, the original ones. We have lost many of our oldest shamanic stories, but every once and awhile one comes to me floating as if on a spiritual wind.

In the beginning was an the Void. If you haven’t already been there I assure you, you will know it once you arrive. Empty darkness, Still Darkness. I knew it so well, unbeknownst to me, in a short side story. A friend of mine lend me a CD of recordings made from outer space. I cannot recall which planet or where in the series the CD came from. But I listened to it and was MAD, MAD… this is not what it sounded like. It was all sped up and intertwined. It was a KNOWING. I returned it to her and told her my reaction to which… well you all know the rest of the story. Yes it had been modified… I assume to keep the masses listening. Anyway I digress…
The Void is better known of as Chaos. Chaos is the original state of all things. Don’t we all have to deal with chaos when we ask for change, then sometimes if we are lucky, order comes back in…but that is a WHOLE OTHER STORY.
Chaos begat Erebus, ~ Darkness.
Chaos begat Nyx ~ Night.

One journey I was returned to the time before when Erebus and Nyx moved & undulated to synchronistic beats and between them they bore Light – Eros. It was the slowest, fastest, gentlest, intense-est synchronistic beating… and they begat

Eros the spirit of love is born of Darkness and Night.

Born a hermaphrodite, eventually the stories changed and Eros became male. But then The Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung got involved. So, you may ask what does Jung have to say about Eros. Well you may not ask but I will tell you anyway…

Eros, the ‘desire for wholeness,’

Eros reminded me how necessary it was for me to become in-tune; in harmony, in rhythm with myself; Eros reminded me even more of my desire ~ my human spiritual function of interconnection and interaction.

Caves ares the transitional space ~ the place where all the worlds connect… akin to the betwixt and between. In history we can find references to heros or gods going to the caves to find their spiritual gifts or centres. Did you know that Zues grew up in a cave. Oh yes, a cave. You know the places that are the entrances to Hades, The Land of the Dead, The Stillness… oh but did you know that it was also a place for devils and demons. It is true…

The darkest caves, the places of the deepest rituals. Within those deepest caves which held the deepest rituals are Beings you will be introduced to and who are protectors of the darkest realms.

But one must have food for thought:

Australian Aboriginees have Legends of the dreamtime, Different from tribe to tribe. Some tribes believe even today that the mostly friendly and shy so-called „Mimi”-spirits who taught their ancestors the right way of painting.

Mimis are believed to be non-visible spirits, living in caves, having taught the ancestors many important things. They come out of the caves in the night, but noone has ever seen them. But they leave messages like leaves or paintings. Humans have to be careful. Sometimes the Mimis lure them into a cave and lock them up there!)

The art of the Aborigines has always been symbolic with the task to explain the relationship between the human beings and their environment. So it is quite natural that the subjects are mainly nature and the depiction of the dreamtime-myths with the aim to tell how the spirit ancestors created the land and laid down the law.

Quinkan were the names given by the Australian Aboriginees for the dangerous and powerful spirits living in the caves and crevices.

There are many stories told by The Old Shamans late around the fire of dark spirits who were the ancient adventurers; their identities have been lost in time and replaced by emptiness. They are ghosts, neither dead nor alive, but simply existing. They remember the fighting in ancient times and have very strong combat capabilities. They look like you, but do not think–like living dolls. Their connection with the devilish spirit in Strayana lets them know when a traveler is coming. Any living thing that crosses their path they will destroy without mercy. Why? No one knows.

North is the place where the Darkness exists, where the mountains are cliffs of crystals. The Owls guard the entrances to the Places Beneath. To the Caverns and the Caves where the ancients hold their counsel, witnessed by the Stars and the Fire, heard and carried by the Bats who fly ever closer to the Centre of the Earth, the Birth Place of all Wisdom. Deep within the Caves are the catacombs. Closer and Closer we come to the Home of Nyx.

The darkest caves, the places of the deepest rituals.

I have had many journeys over through the years which have led me to caves. For me the caves are places where I have learnt from the deepest parts of myself. In literature, or in psychological terms the word ‘cave’ is sometimes a metaphor for the mind, hidden within is sacred knowledge that yearns to be discovered. Much like a house represents our psyche in dreams, caves represent a passage way into the deepest of our core.

Geologically, caves around the world contain information in various forms about the ancient history of planet Earth as if markers in time. Hidden within caves we find
Sanctuaries created so far into the earth that it then represents…nay becomes manifest; magical places where spirits lives.

Caves are thought to distinguish between the living world and the spiritual world–the entrances to caves are the portals. Caves are centres of spiritual training–religious classrooms with walls as blackboards. Various authors I have read through the years seem to agree that the cave has magic that is as tangible as some of the great cathedrals of Europe. Shamans say caves have a living presence. Caves are the places where the humans and spirits could meet and come to agreements that would benefit both worlds.
In our journeys we are abolishing historical time and regaining mythical time. This allows us to travel to the beginning of ourselves, perhaps the very beginning of our cosmology, our spiritual order.
I am not here to direct you, just point. There are times in our life when we come to a spiritual crossroads and NO ONE, absolutely no one can tell you what to do and no one can tell you what the outcome will be.

Who, if not you, will continue
Who, if not you, will grow
Who, if not you, will seek
Inner Wisdom; Knowledge; Remembering.

In every sunset, is a sunrise
In every beginning, there is an ending
In every reality, an unreality
Life is a passage of doorways, moving from room to room. We realize the most important thing we move is ourself.

We are here at this place to remind ourselves where we have come from. Our life is a journey of mysteries. Each one an answer to the riddle we find ourselves in. From the darkness we sprang, the darkness of the mysteries, the darkness of the void, the darkness of our very mother’s wombs.

I give freely because I am connected to Earth and Spirit. . I give because I am given to. Within the birth of the Sun we all shift places on the Wheel. By acting together in ritual we our witnessing our progression.

Look within, where have you been before? Where are you standing now? Where will you choose to go? I have taken this journey and died from who I was. I was not being reborn. I was entering the womb of the Unknown. I did not know where I was to emerge.

I was standing floating in a blackness filled with light. Equinox is a time of balance. Teetering on the balance between night and day. The doors to the other worlds stand ajar.

We stand together in ritual to create change. The new moon invites us to be home with new ideas. Being different. The caves beckon us to come. Nyx throws aside the barriers of the Night, her New Moon is above us. With Bear as you guide we will travel to the darkest of the dark. The place where all things are possible. The new moon gives us an opportunity to see the otherside, to set our reality and our attention.

Remember Chaos – the void pregnant with potential begat Erubus and Nyx, Together they birthed potential.