Thank you for everyone who gathered physically and spiritually with me to celebrate such an auspicious day. I feel inclined to share an excerpt of a story I wrote. The excerpt describes how I feel about my relationship to all things, all aspects of the great web…

Yekotook searched the land for the Tree. When she finally felt the Tree she slowly knelt before it, offering it her heart and her love. When she reached out and touched the Tree she joined with the timeless consciousness of the Standing Nation. Her thoughts became the Standing Nations thoughts, and hers, in turn, became theirs.

Her Consciousness spread beneath her to the million points of root beneath the Tree. She could not help but marvel, at the connection she had not only with her Tree, but every other tree. Roots joining roots, sharing soil, energy, water, the very consciousness of all Standing Nations. Every cosmic breath, every earthly sigh, was her to feel and hear. The Tree pulled Energy from Gaia, up through the roots, strong and mighty. Yekotook felt, touched and tasted every Gaia moment, past and present. Slowly, up through the trunk of the Tree she was pulled. Yekotook could feel herself merging with the Tree above the ground, merging with whole Forest, all parts of the all the Standing Nations. Her many branches touched every sun, every moon and all the stars that are her brothers and sisters, She knew that every branch of her Tree was the entry, and passage, into another world, another place.

Yekotook savoured the timeless joy and wonder of the Standing Nation, the ageless beauty of motionless movement…


Over the decades I have seen so many ‘special’ dates come and go that I have become very cautious. It seems that human beings can easily adopt crazy superstitious ideas that really have no justification at all. At times the needle on my BS detector has been in the Red Zone!!

Yet with so much genuine goo intention fixed on the 21st of December I don’t just want to be cynical. I want to encourage anything that can help us create a more conscious world in 2013. I would love to see the beginnings of a world in which more of us open our hearts and commit to deep love.

Yet, I also long for a world where, we learn to think more clearly, discriminate more carefully, and collectively move beyond pre-rational superstition to trans-rational awakening.

So…. my wish is that the 21st of December 2012 sees us finally wise enough to no longer fixate on magical dates in the hope that a better world will just happen of itself. But, rather, that this winter solstice brings us the courage and self-empowerment to create a better world ourselves, by bringing deep love to LIFE!!!

Like Yekotook, let us merge with the consciousness around us. Feel every cosmic breath. Savour the Timeless Joy of being a part of the something much greater than our singular selves. Happy Solstice.

Welcome to the New Birth. Welcome to the beginning a new long count calendar.