I have taken the luxury of disengaging from my computer for the last week. Time to think.

The date of December 21, 2012 has come and gone leaving many wondering: “What now?”. I, too, have pondered the question.

I told a Spanish story on December 21, 2012 called La Culevera – Godmother Death. The story speaks of the dividing line between the Life/Death/Rebirth cycles represented by the Great Goddess/Archetype – La Culevera. A boy child is born, the 13th one, no less. His father, a poor man, (“of course” said the objective storyteller) walks the Road of Life, seeking a God-Parent for his, yet unborn, child. Godmother Death becomes the Godparent. The “God”parent in myths speaks of our connection to the Great Mystery – the Great Beyond. The number 13 is a key symbol to new beginnings. December 21, 2012 ended the 13th Baktun of the Maya calendar. In the story the 13th child represents a new beginning. Death is the teacher of the New Beginning. The spiritual guidance of the story was to remind us endings/death have the ‘teeth’ to cut our connection from birth to fully embrace Life. The same “teeth” cut the silver cord attaching our spiritual body to our physical body; allowing once again, to experience life beyond the physical.

I believe a great shift occurred in our social psyche when we separated Life and Death. The two are not separate events, they are truly a part of the process of Life/Death/Rebirth. The end of the 13 simply means the beginning of something new.

December 21, 2012 was a ritual dedicated to grief and wishes. As with any ending, there is sorrow, and, of course, Loss. We are not stupid, we know we are not able to sustain our present rate of consumption. The end of the 13th Baktun was a meaningful way to publicly declare/witness what we will miss as the world changes.

The maya world tree is celestial. The roots are the Void in the Milky Way. The Tree trunk is the middle world. The middle world, shamanically, is the place between spirit and manifestation. The leaves/branches of the world tree are are the “pillars” of the Four Directions.

The Void is the ‘perfect centre’. The describable, indescribable place. (shoulder shrug, rueful grin.) {shamanism is a paradox don’t cha know :)} The Void is Pregnant with Potential. In some realities, all things are born in the Void. Our “Wish Journey” had us climb our world tree – microcosm – and join the branches of the maya world tree – macrocosm. Once we were given access to The Stars, by The Gatekeeper, we rode our horses to the Void. Our intention ~ to plant our wishes for the future. Our Click Sticks rang out, resonating the sound of horses hooves hitting the stars as we rode far beyond our world.

Where do we go from here? How can we continue to celebrate our New Life? The New Beginning. Is it a beginning? Or did La Culevera teach us anything? Didn’t she teach us there is no separation between states? Rebirth – now that is a SOUL FULL celebration!!