We cannot practice our spiritual arts as our Ancestors did because we are not our Ancestors. Time changes, the wheel moves and in kind so must we. Our techniques, our practice and our thinking changes with the times; to reflect the changes we must still hear the words of our Ancestors, however we must translate those ancient words to our modern language.

Soul Retrieval work is one of the most important healing rituals I can do for another person. I base it on the belief that we are ALL here to bring spirit into matter (ie ritual/form/dance/song/drum) and matter into spirit (voice/sound/prayers/tears). Our Ancestors, Elders, Spirits want us to be whole, fully conscious and healed.

My role as a shamanic apprentice is to bring spirit into matter by connecting the Spirit World to the mundane world. We heal old wounds from within, by finding balance and harmony and by bringing dreams (journeys) from the Spirit World alive into our lives. By bringing back a soul piece I bring back the dream/journey/spiritual reality of the soul piece, and in turn the soul piece finds expression in our physical/mundane world.

Negotiation is a large part of soul retrieval work. The Spirit World sets a price on the return of the soul piece, and sometimes that price is as simple as finding more laughter, or as hard as confronting your worst fears. The price is a part of bringing Spirit into Matter, and Matter into Spirit. Soul pieces can be very demanding of my attention in the journey or they can be very quiet and unassuming. It is my role to determine which piece is ready to return and which soul pieces are not. It is my role to talk to each soul piece to determine what is required for them to return. Our conscious souls can sometimes create a reflection or “glimmer” designed specifically to trick me, it is a protective measure set up through fear of the unknown or fear of healing or possibly even a test for me designed by the Spirits.

The journey experience after the soul retrieval is how you connect and reclaim your present soul health as well as your own Spiritual Heritage. The conscious and present soul, the one that gently nudges you to heal, is the part of you that reconnects with the soul pieces that have been missing, some for long periods of time and some for very short periods. The soul pieces that have returned have a need to communicate to you, the conscious soul, they have a need to show you, tell you or communicate in some way what they experienced, and what they need from you to stay.

Trauma is often the cause of the departure of soul pieces. Many times when we seek healing we fear reliving our trauma, however, trauma is no longer a part of your daily routine, if it were you would not be in a place to safely heal. Once a trauma has been experienced, you do not have to relive it, you have already survived it. The comfort and joy a returning piece experiences, can be absolutely beautiful and profoundly moving. Your soul piece(s) are so delighted to return to a safe, older, and more conscious you, that re-experiencing trauma rarely, if ever, occurs. It is important to know that. Fear of reliving trauma is one of the reasons we do not seek to be whole, conscious and happy, fear can stop us from healing on many different levels. Our conscious soul can, in self-protection, deny us our healing. Unlike modern therapy (which has its place) shamanic healing does not force you to return again and again to the place or the experience of the trauma. Rather I take on the role of traveling through the worlds to find and return your self back to you. I see what needs to be seen, and I experience what needs to be experienced. It is my role to be the voice and the eyes for what you have experienced. That is one of my gifts to you.

I invoke and commit myself to my spirit helpers when I journey on your behalf. I am always able to return to you tell you the dream/story your soul piece(s) has to share with you. I commit myself to your healing, and to the time that it takes to move you, and your newly returned soul pieces, to a place of wholeness and completion. I cannot heal for you, but I can and do provide, the means and the tools to enable you to find that healing on your own. Spirit gives me a deep knowing of you and your conscious self, that knowing creates a deep Compassion for you. The Compassion I feel for you and Spirit expresses for you is an integral part of your healing. It is my role to honor your need to feeling safe and aid you in your progress towards integration.

The Knowledge of the occurrence of soul loss and soul wandering is present in many global shamanic cultures. There are as many different shamanic techniques to return soul pieces as there are shamanic cultures who return them. Knowledge also is that soul loss is not a bad thing, rather it is a way for the conscious soul within you to cope. Many times soul pieces return of their own accord, it is when they do not return of their own accord that my role is enacted to enter into the Spirit World and retrieve those pieces for you.

I have been taught, mostly through a long and sometimes grueling process, to diagnose soul loss and then to track and return the soul pieces to you. Often times your soul piece is held by another being, some cultures refer to them as soul thieves others refer to them as guardians. Sometimes they are one and sometimes the other again it is my role and my task to negotiate (however the negotiation looks) to retrieve your soul parts. Spirit has never let me down I always seem to have the right object to negotiate with.

I believe, and I teach, that you can travel to places within the Spirit World that hold keys to your healing, your health and spiritual growth. Soul retrievals provide your conscious soul with new eyes, new energies and experiences previously unavailable to you. Imagine how far you can go, and how much you can learn by simply asking and accepting your soul pieces home.

My prayer for you is health, happiness and healing. My joy is to see you whole, complete and at peace with yourself. My eyes see the beauty of you and my heart holds the wonderment of you.

Blessings and Joy