I am at peace and I am peaceful. However, it was not always so. I will face challenges again in my life. Most assuredly.

However, right now, I am in a state of reflection. Who am I. Where have I come from. The answer to those question will never be truly answered. For Me. Ever.

In my small basement in a Castledowns townhouse, I laid on the cement floor, put earphones on, and listened to a drumming TAPE. {Yes, it was that long ago} (insert cheeky grin here) (oh heck throw in a wink for good measure) I traveled through the lower lands calling my question out. The only ears around me, were the leaves and the branches, of the dense forest through which I was traveling. “What is my Spirit Name” I was calling out. I asked the Standing Nation, the trees,

The Standing Nation, the trees, are one of the most ancient Spirits on our Earth. The Standing Nation are the go betweens for the lands of the Lower World, the Middle World and the Upper World. They are the Guardians of the secrets of the Sky Nation, our Brothers and Sisters the Stars. As Guardians, the Standing Nation, are Spiritual steps between this world, and the world of Spirit. They are the pathways, and the spaces, between the Human World and the Other Worlds. I heard, three times no less, “Changing Woman”the name they called me. I had never heard such a name.

After my journey, I picked up the phon and dialed (I doubt it was a rotary phone anymore but…) a friend. She had a computer. She called me back and told me who Changing Woman is. …. It was a HUGE name. I did not feel worthy to Bear such a name.

But to start the story I must tell you about Spider Woman. She has been in my awareness, my space, and most recently, in my dreams.
Last night, in my dreams, she was fierce in her attempt to gain my full awareness. Apparently, I can be a bit dense. A huge brown Spider Woman jumped from the ceiling and landed on my head. I could hear her munching my hair. Her mandibles were HUGE. I watched them dig into my thick, wooly, knotted brown hair. I had a HEAD OF HAIR. Now as a blonde with straight hair this was a shock. Spider Woman proceeded eating HAIR. I could hear Spider Woman chewing my hair. And it was LOUD. To think for one moment that I took this calmly, I can assure you, much yelling was ensuing.

Spider Woman has MY FULL ATTETION. I believe I could even say I am in a state of awake awareness.

Hair is that special weave, that tangled, smooth, straight, curly….. bundles the energy of the universe. And if I use my Active Imagination, I can see how my hair is a huge web. And a knot.

In my dreams, a certain Spirit appears; the Spirit represents my physical self. When that Spirit appears, I know I am not being fully present in my body. Meanwhile, Spider Woman, is still munching my hear – louder. My Physical Self is not helping me get Spider Woman off my Head.

Hmmmm…. Could it be that this is, perhaps, not a physical meaning dream? Yes.

Spider is a Great Teacher. An astounding Grandmother. She has shown me the webs she has woven between all the stars in the Universe. I cannot, with any accuracy, describe the incredible feelings I have walking on the Golden Strands of the Web that holds Everything. When Spider Woman wants my attention, it is generally to remind me, to see the whole picture.
What is the whole picture I am to see?? A valid question. My view of the world is Multiverse.

Which brings me back to Changing Woman.

White Shells – White Shells everywhere. I am gifted with White Shells from everywhere. White Shell Woman is Changing Woman’s younger Self.

I grew into White Shell Woman, and this is her story..

A very long time ago, and not really all that long time ago. A wheel began to turn. A small shell of woman was given the gift of birthing ideas and change. Lessons flowed through her like water. White Shell Woman shared gifts of rain, beautiful vistas, far away stars, places beyond the imagination of most souls. White Shell Woman comes from the East, she has the fire of the Buddha put into her belly. She is born of a Fire Sign. She learns the pathways of Shadow to conquer the Enemies, not only of her own self, but the Shadows of her People. For although she gave birth to many ideas, she bore the ideas to physical fruition. She was the Child of Waters. Peace could not be brought to herself until she could embrace, hold and understand her own duality of Protectress of Fire and The Waters of the Soul.

Young White Shell Woman began to mature. Emerging from her duality, Changing Woman emerged.

But that is a whole other story.

Did Spider get your attention?

See you on the Web…