Many years ago, yet not that long ago, I met the most beautiful Gaia. In one shamanic journey she changed my life forever. She returned to me, a three year old soul piece of me. I had to promise me, myself, three things… and she deftly demonstrated the impact patience and stillness would have on my life.

For me,one of the immediate affects, was becoming OVERWHELMED with a sense of ABSOLUTE LONELINESS. I had no memory of ever feeling or being lonely, ever. I reached out to a friend and asked for help. I became healthier mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This very experience was so profound, all I wanted to do was share it!!

Spirit gave me all the tools, journeys and techniques to perform the most wondrous of healing techniques, Soul Retrieval. Years later I took, Soul Retrieval training, from Sandra Ingerman.  Everything she taught me in the consensus three D reality, Spirit had already taught me spiritually.

Shamanism is deep and powerful work. But make no mistake it is WORK. Bringing home a soul piece is one thing, working consciously with a more present sense of self, is another matter all together.

SR incorporates the task of integration. My soul piece gave me tasks to do to ensure change. A fundamental aspect of any healing work, is to work with the healing. After your SR, what new images come to mind? Do new emotions arise? Do new urges arise?

Healing is a process of getting to know oneself. Who Am I? The age old question. However.. perhaps… we over complicate things – just a titch. Can “who I am in this moment”, have as much impact as – “who am I, this lifetime”. In my world, yes. It is the moments we live in. If my spirit has changed I want to be aware of how I feel.

Check how your energy is after. Are you elated? Are you sore? How do you feel 24 hours later? I know I tell my patients to spend at least five minutes in silence getting to know the change. I am not sure how many actually take my advice.

I drum for each patient, to show allow their soul pieces to come home and say hello to each other. It is a process of integration. Each part has a story, or a vision… many have very real messages from you, for you. Meditate on the messages. If we listen for the sounds (voice) of our soul talking to us, we can learn the language. If we can learn the language, we can engage more deeply with our own soul/spirit/body language.

I have been fortunate to receive many spiritual gifts and healings from spirit over the years. One of which even saved my very life. Finding a connection to spirit and self; further cultivating the connection is what continues the process of healing.

Healing is a lifelong journey. I don’t really know why, however, why argue.  I continue to follow the path of Healing. Exploring. Cultivating. Researching. Practicing. Living. Being.

You gave yourself permission to heal a deep aspect of yourself. What to do after a SR? Work it baby!!

Now -exalt in your homecoming!!!