Have you ever wondered if there was life after death?

I never have. I have always known there was more to this world than meets consensus reality.

As a Suffering Being so aptly said:

Me: Do you believe in life after death?

Suffering Being: Well I’m here aren’t I? {With a smirk on his face.}  Even though it was a woman this Being was speaking to me through.

But I get ahead of myself.

Why Compassionate Depossession? I 0ccassionally encountered, during extraction healing sessions, an energy I could not remove. It felt different. It behaved differently in the body. My healing hands knew the difference, no matter how subtle, but I did not have a tool in my tool kit for this type of healing.

Betsy Bergstrom is a fabulous teacher, of whom I have the utmost respect. Through her, I was introduced to the world of Suffering Beings and the art of Compassionate Depossession.

Possession – it’s a scary word right? I am in my 40’s, The Exorcist is what I immediately recall, regarding the gory and gruesome, task of depossession. And seriously, who wants that??

Possession, however, is really quite natural. I think the time is well past to demystify this word. How it manifests. Why it manifests. And more importantly, how do you know when it is manifesting.

We die, some of us move on and some of us don’t. I have been working with Compassionate Depossession since early 2009. I still do not have AN answer to why some souls don’t cross over. The reasons are varied, and frankly, some of them are downright fascinating.

[p’;;;Humans have a light. Our light attracts Suffering Beings. Our bodies will usually tell us when something is going on; like a possession. However, many of us, are disconnected to the subtleties of our physical bodies, let alone our emotional or spiritual bodies. A suffering being enters into our bodies, usually quite subtlety, often without our even noticing.

Over time, not always a long time either, the Suffering Being begins to influence behaviors, thought processes, self-criticism, heightening addiction. These affects, and more, can be very subtle. Some, however, are not so subtle. If we included the word possession in our language, we would likely be able to articulate a noticeable, or perhaps even foreign behaviour, thought or attitude.

A Suffering Being is different from an intrusion, primarily because it has a soul. An energy separate, and conscious, from your own.

There are many countries, cultures, societies and communities, in the world, who have never stopped denying life after death. Never denying that death can be messy and not always go ‘according to plan’. As a result, a process, a healer, and a support system, are available to release the Suffering Being from the patient. Allowing a lost soul the opportunity to go home, wherever home may be.

In Canada, it appears to me, as someone who has buried many family members, we do not have adequate ceremonies, grieving processes or a good send off to the soul that is crossing over. I tend to think of it as a big boat with wee tiny motor. Strong tears are often shushed, and wailing – why that would be downright non-Canadian… 🙂 Sometimes a soul just needs a kick off to get off this world.

Alas, it is often not so. I have heard it said, Canada is like a superhighway of dead people. An image I find somewhat amusing, and yet, oddly, appropriate.

Compassionate Depossession is not an adversarial process. I do not view the Suffering Being as “something” that has to be removed forcefully, against “it’s” will. I compassionately speak to, send energy to, and look at the Suffering Being hidden in my patient’s body. Recognizing another life force. For me,  it is a healing of love, understanding – with an amazing dash of humble awe.