Waking the Bear – A Mythic Jounrey

So, why do a Bear, an Equinox, A New Moon, and a Solar Eclipse all want to hang out together in one day? I know right?? I asked myself that very question. It is That very question I asked myself. You, my dear reader, have been introduced to Bear on this site, more than once. This year I wanted to raise our eyes upward to the Great Cosmic Bear. Cosmic Bear is a large component of circumpolar cosmology. I have found wonderful research on this topic while reading about Archaeoastronomy. Check out the word, I know you wanna. Go ahead, my writing will be here when you get back. As you will no doubt know by now, there are many stories about Ursa Major… there are many stories recalling our ancestors emerging from the relationship between humans and Bears.

I am not always certain that I call Bear into Ceremony, or Bears calls me into Ceremony. Or could it be both (insert cheeky wink here – shamans do love a great paradox) This year, we have an auspicious event – a solar eclipse. The perfect alignment of the Earth/Sun/Moon, with such precision, inspires my imagination. I like to imagine I am outside of our earth – I watch the Eclipses– When the Moon passes in between Earth and Sun to block the view, we have a Solar Eclipse, they almost always happen during a new moon – just like this eclipse, on March 20. When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, a shadow is cast upon the Moon, we have a Lunar Eclipse, which only happen during full moons; such as the one on April 4, 2015. Essentially, this makes them complete opposites.

Eclipses are game changers! I planted a seed at a ceremony on Winter Solstice. I have seen the fruition of that vision. To me, personally I have seen a commplete 180 in my life in first three months of 2015. I think we can all relate to ‘something in the air’ feelings. I have read, and with my experience, tend to agree, that solar and lunar eclipses brought a quality of acceleration; one that, for some, can be overwhelming. Ancient astronomers, correlated ENDINGS and BEGINNINGS with Eclipses. The interpretation is generally, solar eclipses’ focus mainly on the Beginning of things, and the lunar eclipse being the exact opposite, on Endings.

March 20, 2015 may mark of Beginning of something. I am not always certain all Beginnings necessarily, begin with a PLAN. By Beginning, I mean a beginning that comes as a surprise, so to speak. So, while these events may be cultivating over a period of time, they will come on as a surprise. It is a mysterious moment & in this moment, we are graced with the opportunity to deepen our relationship to this “mystery.”

Building a Medicine Wheel, for our Waking the Bear Ceremony, creates a magical web, which ever so briefly catches time, even if just for the space of our gathering. New Moons are the time of potential. Meeting on a night of the New Moon Eclipse, for Waking the Bear, will give us an opportunity to glimpse the Beginning.

Medicine Wheels created in ceremony, are the alchemist’s map to the stars. How we journey on stars? well you will just have to come to find out. Maybe, you will be fortunate. and are gifted with the ability to see a long view into your life. Perhaps you can catch a glimpse of where you are going, what is Beginning.

The Spring Equinox is the time when the wheel shifts, and time blends slowly, or so it seems, until the time of the Long Sun, June 21. We have been incubating, hibernating something. What has happened for you since Winter Solstice? New Moons signify a beginning, a re-start, a slowly developing energy. But its placement in the last astrological sign, precisely on the last degree of it, suggests an end. Is seems like a paradox to me… but you know how I feel about a paradox… 🙂

What a rare opportunity to gather together for ceremony. We are the fortunate ones, the ones, to whom spirit has called. We get to change our story, this is our mythic journey. Bear embodies us, we embody bear. Bear, Cosmic Bear, the Cosmic Healer will be joining us on our journey. We will be engaged in an exchange. Are you intrigued yet? …. We will be journeying with the bears of Alberta… the way our circumpolar ancestors did.

Working with the Spirit of Bear has given me opportunity to create change in my life. I know many people have a deep, loving and respectful relationship with Bear. Bears have been given many qualities: the bringer of all the animal spirits, the Great Healer, The Great Hunter, the Master of the Forest. We have been in relationship with Bear for thousands of years.

I am looking forward to Waking the Bear… are you??