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Presented at Healing C0nnections

10548 115 St NW, Edmonton, AB

May 31
10 am – 5 pm

Through the mysts of time we will Trace our Souls. We will discover ways of unraveling energy, that has wrapped itself around us.We will disconnect from the past. Past wounds.Past hurts. Past Losses. Past Injuries.

What is a Curse

A curse is a binding and restrictive energy. Curses can be unraveled in compassionate ways, so as to avoid any unintended consequences. The one who has experienced the effects of the curse unraveling, will typically feel lighter, more energized, and more optimistic. Vital health and “good luck” can return. Blocked possibility can suddenly become expansive.

Carrying the weight of collected curses on our shoulders, all day and into the sadness of the dead all night, can create physical side affects:

loss of energy

Not able to relax

Agitated nights and waking up tired in the morning

Struggle between reason and emotion, between living and surviving. “I want this, but I have to do that”

Friction within self, relationships and work

Not able to choose in which direction to grow and develop

Coming home totally exhausted after being in a large crowd, completely vulnerable and unprotected

Being happy yet unable to hold on to that happiness

Difficulty getting in touch with your feelings

General tiredness that can lead to helplessness, depression and depersonalization

We will use shamanic techniques to trace the origin of the curses and sorcery that has affected you your whole life. Shamans have long understood that the underlying cause of many of our personal problems, do not rest with just us, but follows us from our ancestors. We will meet our ancestors, unwind the binding of the past, and step fully into our present and healthier self.