It is a power full word. What exactly does it mean? Well, I think each person has their own idea of what it could, or may mean, to them, personally. The most common answer I receive, to the question, “how do you feel empowered” is, “I feel energized and powerful”.

How can I argue with that? Truthfully, I can’t. What I decided to do, was tailor make a workshop to embody empowerment. It was an interesting journey. First, I have to be honest, I can procrastinate. I know, there is not one person reading this who can identify with procrastination. Lucky you. I, however, feel, at times, I am married to it. Despite asking for a divorce more than once… But I digress… I was very proud of myself for having completed writing my handout, as well as completed the experiential part of the workshop. (I often refer to the experiential as “what to do” in my folders). I stayed late at work on the Friday before the workshop. I had plans to go to the Drumming Circle later that evening. I just wanted to tweak my handout – I thought to myself…

But that is not quite what happened.  I turned my attention to breath work. I quieted my mind, and merged my spiritual self with the day of the actual workshop – what I tapped into was quite wonderful. {In another post, I hope to, eventually, share my views on parallel realities, and “all time happens simultaneously” or “time is vertical not horizontal”.}  This time I want to share my experience of merging with the future presence of the workshop. I saw an alternative experience for presenting my material. I felt different shamanic journeys. I journeyed deeply into the messages, and returned with a drive to CHANGE EVERYTHING!

So, my happy pat on the back, I got everything done right – turned into a righteous handshake with the future.

Secrets…. secrets can be the most dangerous foe to empowerment. Secretly, the psyche holds onto secrets of smallness, shame, anger, vulnerability, the list is as personal as the psyche of the individual. What I experienced was the journey of unity. I know I sound a touch vague, bear with me.

Think about it… a very tiny pebble, while not annoying enough to take out off your shoe, changes the way you walk. Your toes shuffle the small pebble to the side, you shake your heel to get it out from under your foot. But… it is so small, you can handle it, until you stop.

The small pebble is the soul’s most hidden, secret self. Sometimes it is so deeply hidden Spirit has to find it for us and bring it to us.

The Journey is moving ever more closely to Unity. Harmony and Balance, for me, is where I stand most in my Power.  Secrets cannot hide in the light of our internal flame, our Empowered Self. In shamanic teachings we embrace the paradox of the most secret, dark aspect of ourself, is actually our Most Empowered Self. By bringing the Inside Out – the inner self gets to embrace Power and be Big and ALIVE. Truly, being present in ourself – what does it feel like to live ON THE OUTSIDE!!?

The OUTSIDE, our Healed, Empowered Aspect of Self – with its compassionate and older healed eye, embraces the hidden self to remember what it feels like to be small and all that that entails – to remind ourselves, subconsciously, consciously, where you have come from – bringing the hidden to the light, to heal the shame of {insert yours here}

We are an ever moving wheel. Each time we mine the darkness of ourselves, we do find treasure. The Empowerment comes when the wheel has turned our darkest aspect to face the Outside, the ever evolving potential. Turn my face from the hidden self? Nah… I hate pebbles in my shoes.