FEBRUARY  – North – The Journey Into Wisdom


The Medicine Wheel has more layers and dimensions, than I will ever understand. But, this I do know. February is in the North on the Medicine Wheel. I have been taught North is the Ancient Wisdom; the Ancestors.  Wisdom, practicality, symbols, ritual, ceremony Sacred Knowledge, Teaching, Learning, Patience, Truth, Deep Level Rituals, Deep Level Path or Earth Walk Work, these are all associated with North.

North is the element Earth, and without Earth we could not live.  It is the element that holds the other three elements.  It is not just Earth, it is the magic beyond the Earth as well.  North; home to The Great White Buffalo the Guardian of the People. The Spiritual Embodiement.  Wolf, Spiritual Brother, Teacher of Earth Wisdom.

When I face North when calling in the Directions, I am overcome with Emotion. The Wisdom of North truly is the language of my soul.  The Sacred Spirit with whom I connect with is North. I do not have a specific name or deity associated with North, it has always been just North.  North, Huge, Vast, Darkness, the Holder and Keeper of the Ancient Wisdom.

North teaches us to apply the knowledge we have been given as well as receive Spiritual Awakenings. Rituals are the Pathways of the Ancients.  It is with Ritual and with Honor that we retrace the path of the Wisdom to our own birthplace, to that of the Beginning, the Eternal Mystery.  It is the steps taken within a ritual that prepare the ground for the Ancestors to walk upon, back to us.  It is by keeping this pathway open, the Wisdom of All Before, is never lost.  One day, you will be that Ancestor, who wishes to walk the path Back to teach the Wisdom.

The Medicine wheel I reference is Sun Bear Medicine Wheel . As of this post, we are still in the Rest and Cleansing Moon, whose three gifts  are Renewal, Cleansing And Wisdom. 

During this time, I know we are searching for Ancient Wisdom.  We can do that by creating a sacred space, that holds within it, representations of the Ancients, the Elders, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers.  I recommend creating an Altar to the Directions. Place upon it, items you feel are connected to, and representative of the Ancestors of the North we are seeking to connect with. Pay attention to your dreams. Or go Kriket’s drumming track and prepare yourself to take a journey to the Spirit of the North. What answers await you.