Hear Ye Hear Ye!!!

The time has come, once again, to gather to Awaken the Bear…

When you might ask: March 18, 2016 ~ an auspicious day to Gather.

Where you might ponder: 10804 119 St NW ~ The Unitarian Church

What to Bring – a bandanna for your eyes; a rattle or drum (if you have one, if you have more… bring to share); a blanket to lay on… and a most unusual request from a Kriket a long stick or staff … most importantly – a sense of humor coupled with a sense of adventure…

Time Doors open at 6:30 – Ceremony starts at 7!!

Cost – a bank breaking – no holds barred – are you ready for it…. $10

We are gathering to raise energy to send to the most Amazing Spirit Bear. We will sing… also known as Joik… We will ride in a spirit canoe… We will stand in the Postures of our Grandfather… and a Tale of Bear….

That, is it, in a nutshell…. For the short – get to the point – readers. See you at the Shamanic Spring Ceremony

For the rest of you… carry on

Why, you ask… is this an Auspicious Day??

Well… let me tell you… some of you know, and some of you do not know… but I am fascinated by the number 3… it is found in fairytales… in Finnish Shamanism, and others, there are three worlds… Upper, Under and Middle… there are trinities galore… innumerable Triads… even Baba Yaga, A Russian Crone, had three faithful servants; the White Horseman (Her Bright Dawn), The Red Horseman (Her Red Sun) and the Black Horseman (Her Dark Midnite).

Pythagorean numerology allows me to seek a deeper meaning:

(Numerology and the Divine Triangle; Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker; pp.10-11}

“3 Combines the qualities of 1 and 2. It is a fascinating and diversified vibration, carrying the qualities of 1 and 2. It is a fascinating and diversified vibration, carrying the qualities of manifestation and self-expression. The ion, which sprang into existence form 0, sought to assert its individuality under 1 and felt the attraction of others under 2, now awakens to its need for social interaction. 3 is the need to communicate and become involved in the pure joy of living… Its creative imagination allows all things to be possible; it therefore becomes involved in many emotions and experiences…”

Said differently, three solves the discord created in the polarity of two, resulting in a new integration and wholeness. We encounter a manifestation of this in the human condition, through the divisions of our: mind, body, and spirit. Through the number 3 we can see to possesses the attributes of wisdom, understanding and knowledge. The Shadow Side of 3 can manifest as pessimism, foolhardiness and unnecessary risk taking.

Three is seen as a very magical number.

In Pythagorean numerology the symbol 3 is the triangle, the harmony that forms the three-sided triangle combines ~ fire, action and will. As we work through Bear you will see how each component, offers a different perspective or dynamic. These three elements work collaboratively, in the creative effort for new growth.

In my studies, over the years, I have read a titch of the the Qabalah. Within it’s deep and spiritual text lies Binah, the Third Sphere on the Tree of Life. Within the energy of Binah we find the Mother. We are going to explore Bear as the Divine and Cosmic Mother, Divine Creatrix. In Binah, The Great mother, contains within herself the archetypal womb, through which all life is has potential to be made manifest. It is the nature of the male to provide the seed of life, but it is the feminine principle that gives it life, provides the space for gestation, and ultimately releases the manifest form into existence or being. It is that feminine principle that holds the primal form within the womb that is both void and full. The vessel that holds nothing also provides the space and potential for it to be filled. : Binah – Understanding. This reminds me of the Oldest Stories of Eros who was born of Darkness and Night – the vessel, who too, holds nothing but the potential… Fascinating…

In Tarot 3 is the Empress… Mother of all life. She, who sits in quiet repose and strength in the verdant landscape of her own domain. She is the promise of continued life and expression of that life in all of the elemental worlds over which she reigns supreme.

Remember… Fire Action and Will…

Bears have been a constant throughout our human existence. Bear is often considered one of the Spirit Keepers of One of the Directions. Various Medicine Paths, and Medicine Wheels, share the same respect and reverence for Bear. Bear is an excellent manifestation of an eternal Archetype. An Archetype exists outside space and time; it arises spontaneously, sometimes we are lucky enough to connect to it, through intention and awareness. The Bear has both Masculine and Feminine energy. It is the Great Dreamer, Creation and is known for its ability to be a fearsome predator, Destruction. When Bear awakens from it’s great slumber, we experience Expansion. When the Bear retreats to its dens for the Long Dream, we experience Contraction. Awake, alert awareness, allows us to build relationships with Archetypes.

Chthonic – I could not leave that word alone. It took me forever to remember it and even longer to be able to intelligently use it in a sentence. Chthonic, literally means, belonging to the earth. In tales, the Shamans of Old shared their gathered wisdom, with their Tribe their adventures with Chthonic spirits. These are the spirits of the Earth and lower worlds. The Oldest Shamans, told the stories of the prima beings, the original ones. We have lost many of our oldest shamanic stories, but every once and awhile one comes, floating, as if on a spiritual wind.

Bear is a Chthonic Spirit.

The intention for our Gathering is to awaken our hero, the one who allows us to continue, or perhaps, begin our hero’s journey into the Great Unknown to Create with Fire Action and Will… Bear is a great power of the Unconscious mind who awakens, and then protects us on our hero’s or heroine’s, journey into the subconscious and Collective Unconscious. On the Medicine Wheel, Bear can symbolize resurrection, rebirth & initiation into a new life passage. The Great Dreamer, the manifestation of the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. In alchemy, Bear has a similar meaning, representing the dark night of the soul–the darkness that occurs before spiritual rebirth or a new phase in life. And in some hero myths, Bear represents the solar, masculine principle.

The Den is a symbol of the womb and the Collective Unconscious. Bear symbolizes Great Mother, both archetype and personal mother, with all that implies. She therefore carries the positive power and “medicine” of the creative feminine, birth-mother, nurturer, protector and teacher. Feminine is understood to be Wisdom, and the Masculine to Action.  There can be no right action in the world, or in one’s life, unless the active principle, the masculine allows itself to be guided by the principle of wisdom, the Feminine.

Bears have a fierce history in our collective folklore. A bear’s claw was one of the talismans frequently included in medicine bundles. I personally, wear Bear talismans under my clothes, for protection, whether I am performing shamanic healing ceremonies, sitting in sacred space with others, or holding space for Waking the Bear.

Hunting Bear, if it was allowed by the Tribe your Ancestors lived in, was generally surrounded by many taboos. It is said one cannot mention the name of Bear, when it is in the Dream Time, otherwise you anger the Bear.  For the Ainu peoples of Japan, bear is distinctly masculine and not the Great Goddess as Bear Mother. Ainu bear is the earthly manifestation of the head of the mountain gods, his bear form is his disguise when visiting the earth. The ritual surrounding the bear sacrifice frees the god to return to his kingdom where the deities can enjoy the fruits of the ritual; those ritual ‘fruits’ magically increase when they reach the abode of the gods.

In folklore, Bear is often portrayed either as a sort of enforcer figure who punishes disrespectful or improper behavior among other animals and people, or as a humorless “straight man” for weaker but cleverer trickster characters to play against. Bear personalities in these stories range from wise and noble, to morally upright but somewhat stupid and gullible, to aggressive and intimidating, but in most cases, they do not bother people who have not done anything wrong.

Bear creates, for young males, the challenge of separating from the Mother, in a positive way, in order that they may come into their own power. Failing to separate, implies that sons forever seek to return to the womb, and seek mothering from their significant others, regardless of orientation. In presenting this challenge to males however, Bear strengthens them, and gives meaning to their journey through life, for it is only through struggle with opposition, men discover their inner strengths, winning their way to freedom. There can be no right action in the world, or in one’s life, unless the active principle, the Masculine, allows itself to be guided by the principle of wisdom, the Feminine.

As we see, the dual nature of human kind, is absolutely possible to merge within the scope of bear. We are on our hero’s journey, the fierce male bear, towards our Hero return, but this cannot happen without the feminine constant dreamer. The manifestation is us… we are the third component for today… together we will raise our own warrior, receive messages from the unconscious, and step forward changed, dreams can be manifested… perhaps all in one night… perhaps you will see the fruit of your journey nine months from now at Winter Solstice…

Bear is a great power among our animal teachers
Awakener of the Power of the Unconscious
The Great Mother Archetype
The Great Sleeper-Dreamer
Raw Power, Primitive Instincts