I have been making smudges for years. It all started with a Mortar and Pestle… eventually leading to a dedicated coffee grinder for smudge creations. I have spent time learning the different properties of resins, plants and essentials oil.

  • How to Smudge
  • Aspects of Smudge:
    • Tones: Related to the perception of smell, there are High, Mid and Low tones that can align well when working with the chakras.
    • Directions: As with power animals, the ingredients have directional alignments and can help with working in each of those areas.
    • Worlds: Upper, lower, middle or a combination thereof, use the right ingredients to deepen your journey into each.
  • Ingredients: Explore many common smudge ingredients each complete with a listing of it’s aspects and a spiritual description.
  • Feather Fans: A bonus chapter on feather fans how and tailoring the fan can further enhance your spiritual journey.

Here is where you can purchase and download it:

Handbook of Smudge