When: April 30, 2017 at Healing Connections 10548 115 St NW, Edmonton

Time: Doors Open at 9:30, Ceremony is from 10 – 5

Cost: $80 ~ payable at the door

What to bring: Lunch, comfy seat, drum or rattle (If you have one), eye cover, and a mat to lay on.

The Warrior Spirit tells us we cannot go into battle when we are at war with ourselves!

 The wisdom of the Warrior lies in:

Realising what is worth fighting for

Cutting away old wounds

Honouring the self

Understanding how to use power

In Ceremony we will:

Release Heavy Ancestral & Familial Patterns

Recognize Self-Doubt, Fear, & Sabotage

Let Your Voice & Intuition Blossom

This powerful Ceremony is to help you engage with the part of you that isn’t afraid; that part of you that serves as a source of strength and gives you confidence to approach your life in a direct and meaningful way.

Through discussion of the Warrior on the South of the Medicine Wheel, we will engage and deepen our understanding of our True Warrior Self. We will use Ceremony and Trance work to engage The Warrior to show us, the Sword and Shield of our Soul, so that we may heal ourselves & our Family Lines.

You will come away from our Ceremony with useful tools to reengage and utilize the skills we have learnt in our Ceremony.