Learning divination has been a hit & miss process for me.  My main form of divination has been interpreting the ways my Stones Bones Nuts & Teeth fell. As with every Diviner I had to learn how to learn how to read patterns. While each throw may seem random or accidental the patterns that I see are not at all accidental.  Each individual stone bone nut & tooth falls exactly as they are directed to do by the spirits wishing to communicate to the seeker by this means. As diviners we have an essential role, that of interpreting signs.  Each throw becomes like a text, describing the relationship connecting the seeker’s destiny to that of the dependent and independent relationship of the universal forces.

Connecting to Spirit in a tangible form has helped me to listen and work within what has already referred to as an invisible realm.  However to me I never thought that the invisible necessarily meant the unknowable. As I grew in awareness I remembered to look for signs from the invisible realm. The irony of which is how can we see the invisible if we don’t look for it?

As an example any of us can look into another’s eyes and see the beauty of their color.  A trained iridologist however will study the same eye and note certain characteristics that have been pointed out to her from her teachers.  The teacher taught and encouraged the student to become aware of patterns within the eye. The teacher’s intention was to successfully teach the student to see these formerly invisible, but always present, patterns and interpret them.

The world of spirit is both separated from us, and continually linked to us, independent and dependent. The invisible realm is a subtle aspect of our everyday-every moment reality, accessible to disciplined investigation, like all scientific pursuits.

When I first started throwing stones I had no idea that there was a comparable practice in West Africa. Nor did I realize there was an actual name for the reading of stones, Lithomancy.

Throwing stones is not a form of fortune telling.  My stones bones nuts & teeth are sacred spirits and are used only with for those who will respect them. Together we look into the seekers spiritual relationships. Each stone has spoken to me, as yours will speak to you, and explained their expression of relationships. I listen to hear what the stones tell me about the seekers connection to not only the physical reality, but how they are also connected to the spirit reality.

I started off with a small pouch of stones.  The pouch itself was a hand made gift to me from a lady in circle for whom I had retrieved parts of her soul.  She included in the pouch four stones.  Other stones have mysteriously appeared in the pouch.  In working with my stones bones nuts & teeth I saw yet another example of the relationship between all things.  The stones bones nuts & teeth are more than just a reflection of the seekers life; they are the seekers life.

One stone had told me that it was the interpreter of the seekers relationship to money and or wealth.  It is a pendent I have had from my childhood.  Many years after I started working with my pendent spiritually I was told that it was light Jade, a stone whom the Chinese have ascribed good fortune to for centuries. Discliping and trusting my awareness was validated for me.

The teeth part of my pouch is one of my actual molars with a long root.  On one side of the tooth is a very deep cavity. During the excruciating pain that only a tooth can bring, I was attempting to distract myself by reading an autobiography of a native healer named Rolling Thunder.  At the height of my pain I read a passage about a similar incident with Rolling Thunder who described the tooth as his elder who was leaving his body.  When I sat in the dentist’s chair the next day to have my tooth extracted I said a prayer of thank you to the tooth, the pain immediately lifted.  I prayed that my elder would speak to me through my tooth and continue to guide me.

My elder tooth regularly shares with me messages of either the seekers mother’s health, or the seekers own health.  If it is cavity side up, obviously we have illness.  However, where the tooth lies in relation to the seeker will also describe illness.  Twice the elder tooth has landed at the knee of the seeker which I interpreted as a very soon death of the mother.  With the right gentle questions I was able to confirm what the elder tooth had shown me.  If the elder tooth lies closely to the centre stones of the seekers throw I interpret that as an indication of their own health and worries.

Interpreting the relationship that is shown to you is a learning process; the language the stones, the reading of the patterns, is between you and your tool of divination.