Waking The Bear – Spring Ceremony

Here Ye Hear Ye – It is the time of Spring Equinox and our annual Celebration known as WAKING THE BEAR.

The Deets:

Date: March 17, 2017

Where: 10804 – 119 st ~ Unitarian Church

When: Doors open at 6:30 pm ~  Ceremony starts at 7 pm

Cost: $10

What to bring: Eye cover (essential); Drums or rattle if you have (if not there are always extras); a comfy seat; a blanket; a pen and paper

This is a shamanic ceremony. It will include

Smudging and cleansing space

Opening Circle

Bringing Up your Spirit Song

Thoughts and mental meanderings on The Spirit of Bear – Bear as our Power Animal; Bear as a Spirit Keeper for the Medicine Wheel; The Celebration of Bear in many circumpolar regions.

We will engage in shamanic journeys using two different trance postures: Grandfather Bear and Grandmother Bear. Both journeys are designed to awaken the Spirit of Bear within each of us.

There will even be a story!!

I hope to see you there!!!


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