Practical Shamanism Workshop

When: March 13, 2016

Where: Healing Connections 10548 115 St NW, Edmonton

Time: 10 am to 5 pm; Doors open at 9:30

Cost $80.00

What to bring: pen, paper, lunch, drums and rattles

This workshop  “Practical Shamanism” is  designed to teach, and explain, ways to utilize your shamanic tools. We will be discussing:

How to clear a house
How to set energetic boundaries
The use of stones and crystals
How to make different smudges for different occassions
Alternative forms of diagnosis
Moon water, why and what for
Rattles, why and what for
Drums, why and what for

This is an informative class. There will be very little experiential work. We cover a diverse range of topics. Please bring with you pen, paper and as many questions as you would like.

The cost is $80.

Please let me know if you would like to join us. Send me an email or call me at 780-934-8222

Further Thoughts on Empowerment


It is a power full word. What exactly does it mean? Well, I think each person has their own idea of what it could, or may mean, to them, personally. The most common answer I receive, to the question, “how do you feel empowered” is, “I feel energized and powerful”.

How can I argue with that? Truthfully, I can’t. What I decided to do, was tailor make a workshop to embody empowerment. It was an interesting journey. First, I have to be honest, I can procrastinate. I know, there is not one person reading this who can identify with procrastination. Lucky you. I, however, feel, at times, I am married to it. Despite asking for a divorce more than once… But I digress… I was very proud of myself for having completed writing my handout, as well as completed the experiential part of the workshop. (I often refer to the experiential as “what to do” in my folders). I stayed late at work on the Friday before the workshop. I had plans to go to the Drumming Circle later that evening. I just wanted to tweak my handout – I thought to myself…

But that is not quite what happened.  I turned my attention to breath work. I quieted my mind, and merged my spiritual self with the day of the actual workshop – what I tapped into was quite wonderful. {In another post, I hope to, eventually, share my views on parallel realities, and “all time happens simultaneously” or “time is vertical not horizontal”.}  This time I want to share my experience of merging with the future presence of the workshop. I saw an alternative experience for presenting my material. I felt different shamanic journeys. I journeyed deeply into the messages, and returned with a drive to CHANGE EVERYTHING!

So, my happy pat on the back, I got everything done right – turned into a righteous handshake with the future.

Secrets…. secrets can be the most dangerous foe to empowerment. Secretly, the psyche holds onto secrets of smallness, shame, anger, vulnerability, the list is as personal as the psyche of the individual. What I experienced was the journey of unity. I know I sound a touch vague, bear with me.

Think about it… a very tiny pebble, while not annoying enough to take out off your shoe, changes the way you walk. Your toes shuffle the small pebble to the side, you shake your heel to get it out from under your foot. But… it is so small, you can handle it, until you stop.

The small pebble is the soul’s most hidden, secret self. Sometimes it is so deeply hidden Spirit has to find it for us and bring it to us.

The Journey is moving ever more closely to Unity. Harmony and Balance, for me, is where I stand most in my Power.  Secrets cannot hide in the light of our internal flame, our Empowered Self. In shamanic teachings we embrace the paradox of the most secret, dark aspect of ourself, is actually our Most Empowered Self. By bringing the Inside Out – the inner self gets to embrace Power and be Big and ALIVE. Truly, being present in ourself – what does it feel like to live ON THE OUTSIDE!!?

The OUTSIDE, our Healed, Empowered Aspect of Self – with its compassionate and older healed eye, embraces the hidden self to remember what it feels like to be small and all that that entails – to remind ourselves, subconsciously, consciously, where you have come from – bringing the hidden to the light, to heal the shame of {insert yours here}

We are an ever moving wheel. Each time we mine the darkness of ourselves, we do find treasure. The Empowerment comes when the wheel has turned our darkest aspect to face the Outside, the ever evolving potential. Turn my face from the hidden self? Nah… I hate pebbles in my shoes.

Drumming Circle Dates

Guess what???

Patti, the leader of the Drumming Circle is giving me THREE Fridays to lead a circle!!

November 6, 2015 – The theme will likely be the Four Elements – with a Kriket twist of course!! If that makes you curious – come on out!!

March 18, 2016 – Waking the Bear!! –  This is my annual Spring Equinox Ritual. It is in honor to Bear. Each year it changes somewhat, but is always an honoring of the Grand and Amazing Spirit of Bear. There will be stories, an open altar, lots of drumming… maybe some chanting. Here is 2015 Bear thoughts for you.

May 26, 2016 – I have no idea yet what Spirit will be asking me to talk about. But, you can always just come and find out.

Where: Unitarian Church of Edmonton located at 10804 – 119 street

Time: Circle starts at 7; Doors open at 6:30

Cost: $5-10 depending on what you can afford

Bring: Bandanna/eye cover; a blanket to lay on; pen and paper; drum or rattle or both!!

Shamanic Journey to Self Empowerment – A Teaching Class

Shamanic Journey to Self Empowerment

Learn Ancient Ways for Modern Living

Step into your own Power


So you have been healed… now what? Healing

This class teaches us how to use our healed souls, our healed bodies and our healed outcomes, to be best of our abilities.

We will be travelling to the deepest and most intimate parts of our selves.

We will use Guided meditation and shamanic journey work

We will discuss and learn to identify the Toxic opposites of Empowerment

You will be  introduced to the Elemental world of the Shaman elementals

Together we will explore how to externally manifest, and hold, what changed and healed.

Bringing the conscious mind into alignment with the spirit mind. perception and awareness

Where: Healing Connections 10548 – 115 street

When: Sunday October 18 starts at  10 am ends at 5 pm

Cost $80

To register please contact Kriket at

Or call/Text 780-934-8222

Elementals ~ from a Foxes Perspective


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joy bugSo what are the Elementals?

When I first started this path I never heard people talk about Elementals.  My first experience with the word and the concept came from sources of reading on witchcraft.  I then mistakenly had the assumption that it was a word made specifically for the witch in mind. I was however mistaken.

As the years past, I continued to study shamanism, both traditional and ancient, I came across the word Elemental more often.  Gradually, I changed my perception of it being a witch word, to a reference.  I often found that the words Element and Elemental, were interchanged, and thought that perhaps they meant the same thing.  I was not completely wrong in my assumption, but I was not completely right either.  Elements and Elementals are commonly interchanged words but usually that is because the author or the speaker, do not understand the difference, subtle and gross.

The further I study the shamanic ways the more amazed I am at what shamans around the world have learnt.  What I also have discovered, is, I had been working with the energy of Elementals for a long time, I just did not know how to name it.


Elementals are often considered to be the personification of the four elements. The four elements being:





The associated Elementals are

Fire – Salamander

Water – Undine

Earth – Gnome

Air – Sylphs

When I first began to study and learn more about Elementals I had a difficult time with the names of the Elementals Sylph and Undine, specifically because I had no connection at all to the words, I did not even understand how they got attached to the Elementals and then I found this:

Earth=gnomes (Greek gnoma meaning knowledge)

Air=slyphs (Greek silphe, a butterfly)

Fire=salamanders (Greek, salambe, a fireplace)

Water=undines (Latin unda, or wave)

I could now understand where the words Sylph and Undine came from, and I eventually learned to pronounce them as well.

The Elemental energies are powerful, and each element has a powerful Essence whose function is to aid us in focusing the power of the Element. Elementals, to me, are the presence of the Elements. They are the manifestation of the elements, and hence have a presence. In some cultures they are considered to be aspects of the Gods and Goddesses – Archetypes if you will. They have also been called the Nature Spirits, of which almost every culture can relay their own story, or have their own set of nature spirits. The Greeks had the nymphs, dryads, forest spirits; the Irish had their leprechauns… think of the gnomes, guardians of the Earth… The Persians, the Mongolians, African traditions… all cultures thought it worthwhile to name their Elementals…

In my tradition – shamanic – earth based spirituality – they are very rich in meaning and energetic texture. When I call the elementals I do not specifically call the Undine if I am thinking of water…rather I feel for the Spirit, the Aspect of Water to come and join me and create with me the sacred space that I need to do my work.

The Elementals themselves are groups of four- they are the four elements – Earth, Fire, Water, Air – they are the four directions – East, West, South, North – they are the four colors – Yellow, Red, Blue, Black (or insert the colors of your teachings). They are the four seasons – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter – They are the four ages of humans – Birth – Childhood, Child to Young Adult, Young Adult to Senior Adult, Senior Adult to Death. They are the four aspects of the human condition – East is Spirit, South is Emotions, West is physical and North is Mind (strength, will, intellect and emotions). So, for something as simple as the four elements, you can see that in one short paragraph, we have given the elementals different layers. And those are only the ones that we can see.


Even though, for many of us, the elementals are invisible, they are responsible for the creation of all things. We would not be here except for the co-operation of the Elementals. However I could never describe Elementals better than Helena Petovna Blavansky, founder of the Theosophical Society who said “…[they] direct etheric matter for the production of physical effects as readily as humans can compress air for the same purpose with a pneumatic apparatus. They condense etheric matter so as to make themselves tangible bodies, which they can cause to assume such likeness as they choose, taking as their models the portraits they find stamped in the memory of the persons present”.

Christian mythology teaches:  we, as man, had dominion over the land, plants and animals. To have dominion over literally means that we had “control” or “supreme authority over”. What we “control” cannot be considered our equal, rather our servant. What is our servant does not require our respect. What does not require our respect does not require our attention. What we do not give attention to generally fades into obscurity. And that is where it is today.

However all is not lost and all is not grim. Not all of the people forgot the Elementals. The care of the Spirits of Nature fell to the shamans, the medicine people, the witch doctors, the gypsies; people who could not, and would not, disconnect from Nature. If Blavatsky is right, is it because we did not forget that the shape of the Spirits of Nature is still similar to the tales and descriptions of our Ancestors?

A Swiss alchemist from the 1490’s, whose shortened name is Paracelsus, wrote about and studied the Spirits of Nature. He wrote “Whosoever would understand the book of nature, must walk its pages with his feet”. Each one of us, regardless of where we live, can connect with, understand and communicate with the Spirits of Nature. What we need to remember is how to listen. Nature never went away; we did. As man became more focused on industrial change and societal expansion; forgotten was the language of the world around us. Collectively, we forgot to listen to the sounds of the leaves and the wind rustling through them, we forgot their language. The Spirits of Nature do not necessarily speak in English and tell us “left from right”, rather, theirs is a language of subtlety and nuances. Perhaps an English translation of the movement of air is not necessarily the most viable way of interpreting and sharing the language that surrounds us. Perhaps it would behoove us to stop, be quiet and PAY ATTENTION. Be an active listener to the world that surrounds us.


Dancing with our Shadow


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We will be Deepening Our Relationship with Our Hidden Self

When: May 23 & 24

Where: Healing Connections 10548 – 115 street

Saturday 10 am to 4 pm

Trance Dance 6:30 pm – 9 pm

Sunday 11 am to 4 pm

Shadow is a misunderstood term. Most of us are not even sure what is means. In shamanic work we recognize the shadow as a valuable friend, with many tools to aid us in our day to day life. Shadow, unknown, has the potential to control aspects of our behavior. In our two day workshop we will:

Open a dialogue with our shadow using Shamanic trance

Work with the root of some of our most challenging behaviors

Integrate the parts of ourselves we would rather never acknowledge

Become healthier, more balanced, in our deep relationship to self

Experience an Ancient Practice of Healing we call Trance Dance
We can know, who we are, deeply and profoundly. The longer we stay in the Shadow of our True Self, the longer we will be unable to fully heal, fully live and fully express our true self. We cannot bring ourselves to light, without moving through the darkness.

The shamanic techniques we will use are:

Drum trance
Spoken Trance
Deep Breath work
Soul gathering
Soul Talking
Spiritual integration
Emotional Release
Physical Healing



Challenges to Change – Unraveling Unwanted Patterns by Exploring Sorcery and Curses


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Presented at Healing C0nnections

10548 115 St NW, Edmonton, AB

May 31
10 am – 5 pm

Through the mysts of time we will Trace our Souls. We will discover ways of unraveling energy, that has wrapped itself around us.We will disconnect from the past. Past wounds.Past hurts. Past Losses. Past Injuries.

What is a Curse

A curse is a binding and restrictive energy. Curses can be unraveled in compassionate ways, so as to avoid any unintended consequences. The one who has experienced the effects of the curse unraveling, will typically feel lighter, more energized, and more optimistic. Vital health and “good luck” can return. Blocked possibility can suddenly become expansive.

Carrying the weight of collected curses on our shoulders, all day and into the sadness of the dead all night, can create physical side affects:

loss of energy

Not able to relax

Agitated nights and waking up tired in the morning

Struggle between reason and emotion, between living and surviving. “I want this, but I have to do that”

Friction within self, relationships and work

Not able to choose in which direction to grow and develop

Coming home totally exhausted after being in a large crowd, completely vulnerable and unprotected

Being happy yet unable to hold on to that happiness

Difficulty getting in touch with your feelings

General tiredness that can lead to helplessness, depression and depersonalization

We will use shamanic techniques to trace the origin of the curses and sorcery that has affected you your whole life. Shamans have long understood that the underlying cause of many of our personal problems, do not rest with just us, but follows us from our ancestors. We will meet our ancestors, unwind the binding of the past, and step fully into our present and healthier self.


Waking the Bear – Our Mythic Journey

Waking the Bear – A Mythic Jounrey

So, why do a Bear, an Equinox, A New Moon, and a Solar Eclipse all want to hang out together in one day? I know right?? I asked myself that very question. It is That very question I asked myself. You, my dear reader, have been introduced to Bear on this site, more than once. This year I wanted to raise our eyes upward to the Great Cosmic Bear. Cosmic Bear is a large component of circumpolar cosmology. I have found wonderful research on this topic while reading about Archaeoastronomy. Check out the word, I know you wanna. Go ahead, my writing will be here when you get back. As you will no doubt know by now, there are many stories about Ursa Major… there are many stories recalling our ancestors emerging from the relationship between humans and Bears.

I am not always certain that I call Bear into Ceremony, or Bears calls me into Ceremony. Or could it be both (insert cheeky wink here – shamans do love a great paradox) This year, we have an auspicious event – a solar eclipse. The perfect alignment of the Earth/Sun/Moon, with such precision, inspires my imagination. I like to imagine I am outside of our earth – I watch the Eclipses– When the Moon passes in between Earth and Sun to block the view, we have a Solar Eclipse, they almost always happen during a new moon – just like this eclipse, on March 20. When the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, a shadow is cast upon the Moon, we have a Lunar Eclipse, which only happen during full moons; such as the one on April 4, 2015. Essentially, this makes them complete opposites.

Eclipses are game changers! I planted a seed at a ceremony on Winter Solstice. I have seen the fruition of that vision. To me, personally I have seen a commplete 180 in my life in first three months of 2015. I think we can all relate to ‘something in the air’ feelings. I have read, and with my experience, tend to agree, that solar and lunar eclipses brought a quality of acceleration; one that, for some, can be overwhelming. Ancient astronomers, correlated ENDINGS and BEGINNINGS with Eclipses. The interpretation is generally, solar eclipses’ focus mainly on the Beginning of things, and the lunar eclipse being the exact opposite, on Endings.

March 20, 2015 may mark of Beginning of something. I am not always certain all Beginnings necessarily, begin with a PLAN. By Beginning, I mean a beginning that comes as a surprise, so to speak. So, while these events may be cultivating over a period of time, they will come on as a surprise. It is a mysterious moment & in this moment, we are graced with the opportunity to deepen our relationship to this “mystery.”

Building a Medicine Wheel, for our Waking the Bear Ceremony, creates a magical web, which ever so briefly catches time, even if just for the space of our gathering. New Moons are the time of potential. Meeting on a night of the New Moon Eclipse, for Waking the Bear, will give us an opportunity to glimpse the Beginning.

Medicine Wheels created in ceremony, are the alchemist’s map to the stars. How we journey on stars? well you will just have to come to find out. Maybe, you will be fortunate. and are gifted with the ability to see a long view into your life. Perhaps you can catch a glimpse of where you are going, what is Beginning.

The Spring Equinox is the time when the wheel shifts, and time blends slowly, or so it seems, until the time of the Long Sun, June 21. We have been incubating, hibernating something. What has happened for you since Winter Solstice? New Moons signify a beginning, a re-start, a slowly developing energy. But its placement in the last astrological sign, precisely on the last degree of it, suggests an end. Is seems like a paradox to me… but you know how I feel about a paradox… 🙂

What a rare opportunity to gather together for ceremony. We are the fortunate ones, the ones, to whom spirit has called. We get to change our story, this is our mythic journey. Bear embodies us, we embody bear. Bear, Cosmic Bear, the Cosmic Healer will be joining us on our journey. We will be engaged in an exchange. Are you intrigued yet? …. We will be journeying with the bears of Alberta… the way our circumpolar ancestors did.

Working with the Spirit of Bear has given me opportunity to create change in my life. I know many people have a deep, loving and respectful relationship with Bear. Bears have been given many qualities: the bringer of all the animal spirits, the Great Healer, The Great Hunter, the Master of the Forest. We have been in relationship with Bear for thousands of years.

I am looking forward to Waking the Bear… are you??

Contact Me


I have been told a few times it is hard to get a hold of me. Please be patient, I am not always the quickest to respond.

You can reach me through my site, simply by leaving a comment.

You can email me at Please use a header regarding healing work, or shamanism, my junk mail folder is where your question will go.

You can also call, or text me, at 780-934-8222.

My name is Kriket. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Elements – Sweet Sweet Water

On my Medicine Wheel the element water, is associated with West.

There are myriad of natural forms of water found in unusual and beautiful places. Water is also found in our bodies: in the cliché “blood, sweat, and tears,” in mother’s milk, our lymphatic system, and, perhaps most importantly, in amniotic fluid. Just as life first evolved in the sea, the fetus swims in saltwater as it “evolves” and develops. Since bodies of water have tides, the moon is also associated with water, and many lunar qualities are also Water qualities.

Our earth’s bodies of water hold many secrets and treasures. There aquatic plants ranging in color, density and diversity, growing at different levels in the water. Water can be salty, fresh, and in today’s world toxic and deadly. Water is an element that can be in the air, in the form of rain, mist, and clouds; it can be hidden in the deepest places far below the earth’s crust, as well as creating bodies of water, such as oceans, seas, lakes and tributaries from tiny brooks, to streams to seas and oceans.

Water can also house some of the most powerful shamanic allies. Shamans have long had relationships with creatures who dwell both in the water and on the earth. Creatures such as snake, frog, otters, beavers, to name a very few. Shamans also value the quality of creatures who can dive deep into the waters and return unharmed. West Coast native traditions value the puffin for its amazing aquatic abilities. Snakes have been seen as shapeshifters, due, in part, because of their ability to slip between the elements. Turtles, in some traditions, have been credited with carrying the world upon their backs.

In the healing journeys I do for my patients (again; meaning “one who suffers”), when I enter the Spirit world through water, I am fairly certain I will be healing some of the deepest wounds my patient carries. The last line of my prayer to West is “Oceans be my Emotions”. Meaning, the depth of emotions, can be so deep that no explorer has ever traveled there. Emotion flows, following its own path, which may meander. Emotion runs deep, with mysteries not visible on the surface. Emotions can be like sunken treasure, hiding secrets at the bottom of the waters of memory or the subconscious.

West and Water on the Medicine Wheel is also associated with the Mysteries. I send my prayers to the mysterious beings when I address West. I also send my prayers to the deepest caves and caverns, including Ceynotes. In the watery depths are the mysterious creatures such as Sirens, mermaids, seal woman, Skeleton Woman, and the Inuit water Goddess, Sedna. This list is not even remotely conclusive, but, dear reader, you can see where I am going.

Emotions, like the Mysteries of the West, can also be mysterious. Emotions, associated with the moon, are secrets-those things that are just barely visible, lit by moonlight and not exposed to the sun.rooted in secrets, mysteries, and hidden knowledge. Water is female, and looks within.

The moon and Water are the menstrual cycle, and Water is childbirth as well, making Water perhaps the most feminine of elements. Since moon phases are cyclic, ending where they begin and beginning where they end, it makes sense that Water is also associated with death, and it’s not surprising that many people’s folklore depicts death as a passage over water, I am sure many readers are familiar with Charon, the ferry men. Some of our burial rites included putting penny’s on the dead one’s eyes, so they could pay the ferry man to cross to the Land of the Dead. To make the cycle complete, Hindus refer to rebirth as an ocean.

All of these things-the moon, feeling, depth, birth-death-rebirth, and mystery-combine to associate Water with dreams and the subconscious, and from there to altered states in general-trance, vision, and transformation coming from these things. (Note that the slow, dreamy transformation of Water is different from the sudden, shapeshifting Fire transformation.) Transformation by Water is visionary and may take the quality of a journey.

My astrological moon sign in Pisces. There are times, such as PMS’ing, when I become weepy, vulnerable and overflowing with feeling. Water manifests, for me, in personality flairs such as: dramatic, sensual, and otherworldly.  For the most part, I am joyful and full of love; my cup is rarely half empty. I can be very generous, my waters flows forth abundantly; I often feel I am one of the most blessed women to walk the earth. Water can be very destructive – floods and hurricanes come to mind, and water is love.

For magical symbolism, Water has ocean and lunar colors-deep blue, sea green, and silver. In Western occultism, green is the color most typically used. The magical undine is Water’s entity. Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. In my healing practice I use three types of water, Full Moon, New Moon and Joy water. They each have a very specific purpose. I make moon water by leaving it out 1 – 3 nights prior to either a new or full moon. I use glass containers with proper rubber stoppers. I feel they are powerful parts of my healing ceremonies.

White Shell Woman, Changing Woman, is the Spiritual aspect of me, encouraging a deeper look into myself, facing my emotions, and my  past. Emotions are formed out of everything that has happened before the moment of ‘now’.

The deepest of my emotions to find, and then embrace, was Fear. I had blinded myself for many years to the very existence of fear within. Not physical fear of literal events, but emotional fear. This means shyness, inhibition, fear of not being acceptable, fear of ridicule, rejection,  being put-down, laughed at, made to feel small and so on. This  fear that was stultifying, dispiriting, emotionally crippling and extraordinarily destructive to my young growing self.

Water takes us far into ourselves, helps us to swim through, and into, the darkest caverns of our selves. Water is our life blood, as well as the Earth’s life blood. Follow the path of water. It will, eventually, lead you to the deepest parts of yourself. Be not afraid of the cold and dark water you may encounter, that just may be shadow, trying to stay shadow, and not letting you near. The longer you work with water, the more at ease you will become working, in a healthy manner, with your emotions.