Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing addresses the whole person. Shamans see the whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each part of us in inseparable from any other part.

I love my healing practice. I am humbled by each opportunuity to aid a person or animal on their path to wholeness. The techniques I use for healing have long been a part of shamanic practices worldwide.

Extractions are very common. Many of us have suffered illness, tragedy, and personal hardship. Often times these difficulties leave traces in our energy field. They can be likened to scars, however they don’t have to be permanent. I use pendulums, smudge, rattles, drums and my energetic hands to remove the traces from your energy field and body.

Soul Retrievals are so very helpful, but yet quite unknown to the general public. When I received my first soul retreival healing I healed over night. The change in me was so dramatic that I was moved by absolute compassion to share this incredibly deep healing with others. I was taught by spirit and eventually trained with Sandra Ingerman. Using shamanic trance I travel to find soul pieces for others and return with a story and an opportunity to move more fully into spiritual wholeness.

Energy Balances are very similar to a massage. I use my energetic hands to soothe the bodies worries and help quiet the mind. Our minds are so busy and often with very negative thoughts. We say things to ourselves we would never say to another human being. Energy Balances help sooth the shadow mind using techniques such pressure points, massage and reflexology combined in one session.

My training comes from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies through workshops and fellowship with their teachers. I have studied with Patrice Melidoma Somé and Sobunfu Somé shamans from Burkino Faso, West Africa.

I was very fortunate to lead a weekly and twice monthly drumming circle for fourteen years. I learnt a great deal about healing and human spirit during that time. Spirit taught me a great deal during those years. I also study anthropology, archeaology, comparative mythology, and Jungian psychology.

To book a consolutation or healing session with me please call 780-934-8222 or

21 thoughts on “Shamanic Healing”

  1. Just noticed the dates are all earlier int the year. Do you stop for the summer or can I call for a healing session .
    Thank you


  2. Heather Syren said:

    I would like to talk about my experience last year with breast cancer and chemo. I really felt that the chemo not only was hard on my physically but spiritually I felt it attacked my soul. Hard to explain in a short message but i feel I need to do something with this experience. I can’t be the only one who felt they needed spiritual protection from the effects of chemo – felt like being invaded – intusions? anyway, I have never come across this in any of my shamanic reading and was wondering if you knew of anyone who had had a similar experience.

    • I have heard of this in my work. There are, which you will be more aware of then I, lots of forces at work with cancer, aside from the physical work. In my tradition cancer is an intrusion, but so are the medicines and the noxious medicines used to treat/combat and destroy the cancer. These treatments can be physically and emotionally devastating. This can lead to many different places for unwanted spirits to enter. If you wish to speak more about this, I welcome an email or perhaps a phone call.

      I wish you well on your journey.

  3. Erin Shaw said:

    Hi Kriket,
    I am in the witchcraft class you spoke at this week and I couldn’t help but be captivated by your presentation. I could have listened to you for hours. I am interested in the drumming you were talking about. I am not sure if it had a particular name but the one with the journeys and group discussion. Do you offer that? Also I was interested in the soul retrieval. How much do these services cost?
    Thank you!
    Erin Shaw

    • Christine Evans said:

      I am interested in a drumming circle as I have just made my own drum. Also find the Elk Island Workshop interesting as I walk at Elk Island to ground myself. Could you give me more info as your sight dosen’t seem to be up to date. Are you planning more events?

      • There is a drumming group that meets on the first and third fridays of the month. It is Shaman’s Drumming Journey circle. They can be located under that name on Facebook. I don’t remember the address off the top of my head. They will start meeting again in September.

  4. hi what is your email? thanks

  5. Good Evening,

    I’ve been guided toward Shamanism on my path in life for a while, but haven’t taken the opportunity to explore this. Would you have a moment to chat with a like minded person? Thank you for you time =c)



  6. Interested in your soul retrieval 🙂

  7. Hi Kricket,

    I’m wondering if you offer one on one healing sessions and if so, what are your rates and availability.


    • Hi Vanessa,

      I do offer one on one healing sessions. My fee is $60 an hour. I would be most happy to chat with you to find out whether we want or could work together. You can contact me at 780-934-8222.


  8. Hi Kricket, what do you charge for a healing, and for soul retrival?

    • Jane, I charge $60 an hour regardless of spiritual work requested. I have many years experience with Soul Retrieval work. Feel free to text me 780-934-8222 to check with availability.

      Thank you for asking;


  9. Hi I would like some info!
    My mother had lung cancer and the doctor gave her 6 months, she was seeing him for a year I’m not sure about the treatment but she refused the treatment from a regular doctor and said that she was in peace with what was going on and didn’t want those horrible treatments from regular doctors that would just make her suffer. She went to a shaman and after a year and a half had no sign of cancer! I have a friend of mine that has stomach cancer would it be possible to cure him or even make his life a little better?

  10. Good day,

    Something has brought me to your services. Without going into a lot of detail I have been suffering my whole life with something I can not explain and not may understand. I am interested in knowing what type of services you provide and the cost. I feel I have been guided to you for help. Looking forward in hearing back from you. Thank you.

    Yours truly,

  11. Good afternoon, can you tell me about your soul retrieval process and the fee? Or is there a website that will have that information?

    Thank you kindly.


    • There is a part on my site and for a bit more information.

      I take individual appointments for Soul Retrieval work. My fee is $60/hr. I would be happy to chat with you further, if you are genuinely interested. You can reach me here, or through the . I look forward to hearing from you.


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